Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions provide a quick summary of the JaxCareConnect program and how to get started.
If you have questions not answered here or elsewhere on this website, please contact us directly at 904-595-7770

To begin the process, click GET CONNECTED to complete the patient questionnaire.

JaxCareConnect was created to help people without insurance get access to consistent and ongoing primary care from one of our partner health centers.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for primary care at the health center best suited to address your needs. A short patient questionnaire will help us understand your situation and one of our Patient Health Advocates will contact you directly. If you would like more information, give us a call: 904-595-7770.

No, there is not a cost associated with JaxCareConnect. Our service is completely free! Many of our clinic partners also provide their services free of charge. Some of our clinics do operate on a sliding fee scale and may require a copay. Our team will review all your options with you to be sure you are served at the clinic that best matches your needs.

Two of our partners are federally funded health centers. They offer services on a sliding fee scale based on income and may require a co-pay depending on yours. The rest of our clinic partners provide their services free to patients and our team will review  all options with you. Our team is available for you at no charge!

  • Adult between the ages of 18 and 64
  • Duval County resident 
  • Does not have health insurance 
  • Falls at or below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines

Call us directly at 904-595-7770 and our team will review your eligibility with you. 

JaxCareConnect serves uninsured adults ages 18 to 64 in Duval County. However, while we are working with you, we would be happy to assist you in locating resources for the whole family. Several of our partners offer pediatric services and our team can also connect you to Florida KidCare to explore Medicaid and low-cost insurance options for children. 

JaxCareConnect is a program designed for uninsured adults in Duval County.  However, two of our partners (Agape Family Health and Sulzbacher) do accept health insurance plans for the care they provide. They have multiple locations around the city. Click the links to connect to their websites for more information.

We sure can! Several of our clinics provide dental services and our team can assist you with coordinating dental care. 

Yes. Many of our clinic partners offer behavioral health services and our team can assist you with coordinating an appointment with a therapist. 

Individuals needing specialty care must first establish a relationship with a primary care physician at one of our clinics. In some cases, clinics may offer a limited range of specialty care onsite. If necessary, your physician will make a referral to WeCareJax, an organization dedicated to coordinating specialty care for the uninsured. 

Yes! You may complete an application on behalf of another individual if you know their basic information to complete the form. We strongly encourage you to inform the person that you have applied on their behalf so they can expect contact from one of our team members. 

Unfortunately, currently JaxCareConnect only serves residents of Duval County. Click here for programs in Nassau, St. Johns, and Clay counties.

JaxCareConnect understands that you may be facing multiple obstacles that prevent you from living your healthiest life. Our team will help you assess your current needs to understand what other barriers you may be facing and will connect you to appropriate community resources that can help. Working together, we’ll be able to help you with next steps towards health and healing, no matter what obstacles may be in the way. 

You may complete the questionnaire and one of our Patient Health Advocates will contact you directly. If you would like more information, you can book a 15-minute information session with a Patient Health Advocate here, or give us a call:



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